Downloads Page

Listed below are downloads available from the St. Helens website – these may be church or parish documents, photos or videos, or audio recordings. They are listed in type order and have a brief description included below.

To download a file click on the link – depending on the configuration of your internet browser and operating system the file you may be prompted to open, save or download the file. If you open the file it will open in a separate window or program, if you save or download you should be given a location to save or download it to. Some newer operating systems (Windows XP) may even play the video/audio while you are browsing.

Please rest assured that all files posted here are safe to download and would never compromise the security of your computer.

Some files may be quite large (Video & Audio) and may take some time to download on a 56k modem dial up – broadband users should experience no problems.

Type of DownloadDownload NameDownload Link
AudioArchdeacon Tim’s sermon at St Helen’sArchdeacon Sermon-01.wma
DocumentSteve Kitson’s responsesome thoughts about the future for the church.doc
DocumentMary Tucker’s Vision for St helen’sMary Tucker Vision.doc
DocumentRev Dave’s thoughts on St Helen’s ChurchSt Helen’s as a mission shaped church.doc
DocumentDon Streatfield’s vision for St Helen’sDon Streatfield’s vision for St Helen.pdf
DocumentMS Word version of Don Streatfield’s paperDon Streatfield’s vision for St Helen.doc
DocumentFurther thoughts on mission from Don StreatfieldDon Streatfield on mission themes.doc
PicturePhoto from this year’s Vicarage Garden FairFete 5.jpg
PictureThe Garden at Lindorslindorswaterfall.jpg
PicturePhoto from this year’s Vicarage Garden FairFete 1.jpg

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